FairShare League

An AI-powered business partnership for the new Internet economy, powered by Pop Commerce, the next revolution in viral social commerce. Join today!

The Internet of People

The Internet is made up of people, all of us. Have you not wondered why only a few big tech companies make all the money on the Internet? Why anyone who contributes to various platforms doesn't automatically make a fair share of profits they help drive?FairShare is a new type of technology magic that makes the Internet work for everyone again.

Share to Earn

The Internet is composed of digital content, and creating it and sharing it are native speak in the digital world.FairShare makes it so that anyone who even just shares participating content with people they know can earn a fair share of all profits their actions influence, directly or indirectly.We're talking about up to 30% or even higher of every retail sale value across any and all categories of products and services across all FairShare networks. How very Open Internet of us!

Benefits With Friends

While we all love to share content with people we know, do you have any idea of the power of each share?Content creates community, which drives commerce. FairShare makes this possible not through selling, just by sharing. And while that makes for great active income, there's a way to make passive income also.FairShare members earn 5% of the FairShare Earnings generated by anyone they refer into the networks. Tell everyone you know!

Pop Commerce

Pop Commerce is the revolutionary next generation retail technology where anyone can earn from sales they help drive, just from their participating in Pop Culture of the day.Which means all those memes and social content across the Internet on all those platforms like TikTok, Snap, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, blogs, websites, emails, texts, and all the rest, can now make real money for users, a real fair share of all profits made!Pop Commerce is win/win at its very best, rewarding organic and authentic engagement amongst all people that lead to any commercial transaction.Pop Commerce is Actual Social Commerce Unleashed. 🚀

The FairShare League

FairShare Networks leverage the law of inevitability, that by going where the puck is about to be, one can move with purpose and clarity, and create a lot of value for everyone involved.The future of the Internet is a more transparent, more accessible Internet, one that works for everyone, one that protects and empowers users, and one that matches the mores and the needs of the times.FairShare heralds the rise of a new type of pop culture, one that represents the open and fair market for goods and services. and for ideas and knowledge.FairShare Networks make a small portion of every retail transaction touched by their content and members, and the FairShare League Partners are owners and members of the business network.Learn more and join today!

🦄 From Pop Culture to Pop Commerce

Learn about the new revolution in content-driven, community-powered, authentic social commerce. Become a Partner in the most innovative (and most exciting!) business network in the world, experience the raw combined power of an entrepreneurial tribe. 🔥☀️🚀

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A Partnership Like No Other

Becoming a Partner is easy, the buy-in is $2500, and it's your entry into the new Internet economy, powered by FairShare. Each FairShare League Partner is armed with the superpowers of digital word-of-mouth, driving both active and passive income.Click here to get started ✨🎉, or explore the Income Calculator on a simple Google Sheet. (Partnership sales managed by Verivend)

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